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[19 May 2011 | No Comment | ]
Xperia Play and Arc Getting Android 2.3.4 as early as next week?

With it’s new line of phones and going forward, Sony Ericsson has promised to turn over a new leaf. Unlike the debacle that was the outdated when released and pretty much not updated since Xperia X10, the Xperia Play and Arc shipped with the latest version of Android, 2.3 also known as Gingerbread.
Should these reports prove to be accurate, the Xperia Play & Arc will be updated to the latest version of Android, 2.3.4, as early as next week. Sony Ericsson seems to be getting it!
This update will also …

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[26 Jul 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Jailbreaking/Rooting & Unlocking Your Phone is Now Perfectly Legal

Pretty much since the inception of the smartphone, people have been working very hard to improve their phones through means that basically meant hacking their phones to allow the desired functionality. Until today, however, the ability to partake in such activity was always considered to be a gray legal area.

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[21 Jul 2010 | One Comment | ]
Android As A Battlefield Arsenal?

Here’s the latest news on where Android is headed. Reuters has reported that Raytheon, a company that produces guided missiles, is working with Google, HTC and Motorola. They are developing various software using Google’s Android operating system to assist soldiers on the field.

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[20 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Oh Snap! We’re Here!

Join us and stay with us for an epic journey! What is this all about? It’s about slaying monsters, saving worlds, playing music, making yourself sound like T-Pain and making spreadsheets! OK, maybe spreadsheets doesn’t sound fun but the idea is that there are tons of apps for us to get through and were going to bring them to you. Whether its games, utilities, business apps or ways to keep in touch with others, were the number 1 option without equal for your app needs!