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Death Rally | Android App Review

By on 23 March 2012

Originally released in 1996, we find out if Remedy Games’ racer that focuses more on death than rally has what it takes to stand the test of time 16 years later.

 I still remember playing this game when I was around 12 years old. My mom bought us a new computer with Windows 98, and I was up day and night playing Death Rally!
How could a young boy resist? This game had the action, the cars, the explosions and lots of customization. Now I’m 28 years old, a devoted father, CEO of a multinational corporation, advisor to the rich & famous and a walking lady magnet, though I am faithful to the one I’ve chosen. In short, things are different and I have a different outlook on things.

So when I heard that Death Rally was released for Android, I immediately jumped on it. Could it possibly have evolved in 16 years as much as I have?
The short answer is a resounding yes! Death Rally on Android is very fun to play and more than keeps up with similar games. The best part is that, in truth, it hasn’t changed that much. Death Rally was ahead of the curve upon its release in ’96 and besides the original Twisted Metal, I can’t think of a game in the action racer genre that comes close.

The controls are what surprised me the most, Remedy Games managed to nail this right on the head. Controlling your car and shooting your gun are second nature. The only flaw being that due to the steering being combined with your gas, you can never really lift your finger, this can get tiresome if you have a long session playing.
The graphics are on point, the game is using a completely different graphics engine than the original. They didn’t just take the original and apply it to a different platform, this is a complete remake. The game is beautiful, as beautiful as several wastelands could be anyway, and you can see cars become more damaged over time as they get hit by bullets, missiles,  mines and whatever nonsense comes their way.
Above all else, this game is simply fun! There is nothing serious about pretty much any activity involved. The developers clearly want you to only mind what’s important, getting in your car, blasting fools and enjoying it as you do so. Hell, you dont even have to try and win races if you choose, just stay behind and win by killing the other drivers.
The game is free, why are you still reading this review? Get it! Get it now!


  • Still feels like and maintains the tone of  the original
  • Smooth as butter on my phone
  • Non-linear progression
  • There’s a story if you care to follow it
  • Tons of options for upgrades
  • Repairing your car isn’t punishing, doesn’t remove from overall enjoyment
  • Power-ups gravitate to you when you get close, again letting you focus on the gameplay
  • Gotta love a blast from the past


  • Fingers can get tired if you play a long time
  • Can we get a sequel?

Kiss it or Diss it?
Addictive gameplay, lots of customization, this game is just how I remember it but better and mobile, Kiss!