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Airport City by Game Insight | Support Staff experience.

By on 18 March 2012

Eskaycee reporting in ~

This experience began when I decided to download the game Airport City as it was one of the top free games on the Android Market on March 1st. As you reach new levels in the game, naturally, new quests appear. On one of those levels, I acted in haste so that my planes could take to the air and complete the new quests. On the quest “Yes, I’m a Foodie”, there’s a special item that you are required to have in order for your plane to take off. Now, there’s two ways you can acquire this item; if it drops from a plane that landed on your runway or by spending a “virtual” dollar for it. Guess which one I decided to choose? – Virtual dollar it is – In Airport City, you acquire virtual dollars as you gain levels or by purchasing them with real dough. If it wasn’t for the virtual dollar, this post would not exist.  As I clicked the “Fly” button from the menu screen to send my plane for takeoff, the plane just vanished; taking with it my hard earned dollar.

I tried on numerous occasions to sell my plane but, it kept saying that it was on the runway. Since there are no planes on the runway… the game must be trying to tell me I’m blind – (‘~_~!) – As it’s apparent that the game has a glitch, I decided to report it to the support email link provided on the market. I sent an email and considering that this game has been on the Market for a few months, my expectations of receiving a reply from them was extremely low.  To my surprise, I received a reply within 24 hours by a representative named Natalia. Her response was the following:

Thank you for your request!

Please, give us the following information about the issue:

1) Device name, carrier, and model.
2) Your version of Android (e.g. 2.3.3) and whether it has been modified.
3) Your version of firmware, which can be found in Settings->About.
4) Your friend code
To see your friend code please tap the “Sociality”button (the button with 3 people in the lower left corner of the display) → another button with 3 people and you will see your friend code.
5) Your game version
6) Screenshots

Your information will help us. Thank you!

 My Response to her email:

Hi Natalia,

As per your request, here is the information that I can provide
1) Skc, Virgin Mobile Canada, Nexus S
2) 4.0.3 Custom install – not the OTA version but derived
3) 3.0.8 gb55e9ac android-build@apa28#1
4) bd51jj
5) 1.13

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any screen shots.

The reply I received was advising me that they have forwarded the information to their specialist – Wow, they’re keeping me in the loop of the process.  Although, the conversations span over 2 days and it really could have taken just 2 seconds, I found their support to be top notch. Considering how other companies support customers, anyone remember snail mail? This email based correspondence was just fine from my point of view.

After 2 days of waiting, I received a reply requesting to download the new version. I went to the Market and it wasn’t there (‘v_v;). So we continued to email back and forth, with me explaining that I could not see it on the Market via my phone, them trying to help me to obtain the download and even trying to have me log into the Market through a web browser and try to download it from there. – Seriously, all this troubleshooting via email?! – Whoa!

In the end, I’m pleased to say that I was able to download the update and when I loaded up the game, my plane was on the runway. So when I look back and realize that within 7 days I had 14 emails for this type of conversation, the days spent and the amount of emails doesn’t trump the fact that they made my plane re-appear on my runway as if nothing ever happened. Proving they care about the experience of even a single customer.

Special Thanks to Natalia and her peers!


And I’m out ~ Eskaycee