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NBA Jam & Fifa 12 now available on Android…Except…

By on 16 March 2012


As an avid basketball fan, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that NBA Jam has been released for Android and is now available on Google Play for purchase.. if you have the right device.

This marks the first licensed NBA game on Android, and the first competent basketball game to be released on the platform also. This is truly a great day for any basketball fan carrying an Android.

Dousing The Flames

I am absolutely ready to punch a damn hole through a wall because NBA Jam is NOT available for the Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Nexus.. my current phones. Though I guess I could play it on my fiancee’s Nexus S, it is inexcusable for EA Sports to release such a high profile game and not have it ready for today’s high end devices, they need to right this wrong as soon as possible!

Also available today is Fifa 12! The beautiful game, as it is called in most countries not in North America, is available for Android and this time IS available for my Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus but not available on my fiancee’s Nexus S. Confused? So am I.

Seriously, EA Sports, what the hell is going on?

Anyway, if you can get either one or the other, are somehow lucky enough to get both or not able to get any at all… (EA Sports, please fix this) Check them out on Google Play, hopefully the game you want is available for the device you have.

Google Play Links: NBA Jam | Fifa 12