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Tongue Tied | Android App Review

By on 13 March 2012

Whether or not you have a love for dogs, Tongue Tied will have you constantly fetching for your phone to chase bones with these twisted canines.

Mojo Bones brings us the adventure of 2 dogs, Mike & Ralph who are seemingly on a never ending journey to find bones.  While these bones do in fact seem to be in high supply, the canines will face many perils throughout their wacky adventure to get as many as they can.

The main twist behind this game is the tongue situation between the 2 dogs, Ralph and Mike’s tongues are for some reason tied together. What I find most disturbing about this development is that somehow, the dogs don’t seem to mind; they look very happy throughout the game.

The challenge in the game comes from the fact that the dogs are always moving forward. It’s your job to ensure that they get from start to finish in one piece. You’ll face holes, burning rocks, dynamite and more along the way. And believe me that the dogs won’t do anything to help you, they will never even slow down.

Physics are what drives the gameplay. Place your finger on one dog, and, while the other continues on his merry way, pull back to stretch their tongues and let go to see your dog slingshot like a pissed off bird.

Tongue Tied plays like a mixture of Lemmings and Angry Birds, but goes much further. This game will test your reflexes and aim, you need to be quick and accurate. The difficulty ramps up quickly and in no time you’ll find yourself wishing these dogs would display an ounce of intelligence on their stupid faces!!!

… sorry about that…

The graphics fit the gameplay genre and the music does it’s job in setting the wacky tone. There is the occasional hick-up or a feeling of lack of smoothness but it won’t bother you enough to impact the enjoyment of the game.

Overall, it’s a great game to just pick up and play during some down time, as long as you don’t mind a game that requires a very large amount of trial & error to get through.


  • Cartoon-like graphics help set the tone for a wacky adventure
  • Innovative gameplay combines elements from classic and well known titles
  • Short levels, it’s actually possible to play this for a few minutes and be satisfied with your progress

Didn’t Like

  • The difficulty ramps up very quickly!
  • Some occasional stutters occur (in audio and in overall “smoothness”, gameplay isn’t affected by this)
  • Trial and error nature of the game may feel repetitve at times but often becomes quite frustrating

Kiss it or Diss it?

Overall a very fun game and definitely challenging, Tongue Tied gets a wet slobbery Kiss!