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Back from the dead

By on 12 March 2012

To say that the energy I have regarding this day is positive would be a huge understatement. I’ve become downright excited about converting Kiss My Apps to a blog.

The goal of Kiss My Apps from the very beginning was to have an ongoing dialogue with like minded individuals who love technology. We also wanted to do it on our terms, do it better than everyone else and most importantly,  make it fun!
What’s fun about a lack of updates?
We struggled to be consistent with Kiss My Apps as a web show. Not only did we struggle to find ways to get together, but by the time the videos were released, they could often be based on out of date information.

With this new format, we will constantly have new updates and provide you with the content you crave! It is much easier to write a blog post than it is to shoot, edit & upload a video.

The transformation to a blog won’t kill the show, that is coming back too, you just won’t be left in the dark in between videos.

A GIGANTIC thank you to our followers, fans and viewers for your unbelievable patience!                                             

Alright, enough of this soft stuff lets get to some apps!

 – Gilbert P.